Mobile application for field mapping of green infrastructure



We encourage to venture outdoors and engage in mapping green infrastructure elements in your surroundings!

The mobile application MAP GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE (MAPUJ ZIELONĄ INFRASTRUKTURĘ) enables inventorying and mapping elements of green infrastructure in the field with mobile devices - such as a smartphone or a tablet - powered by Android (no Apple OS version available). It is available for download from GooglePlay - please, click HERE or use a GooglePlay search function entering the phrase MAPUJ ZIELONĄ INFRASTRUKTURĘ (or even MAPUJ alone). 

The application's language version - Polish or English - in automatically adjusted in accordance with the system language of the device, so please make sure to set it to English to be able to enjoy the English version of the application. However, please note that the application uses the Polish geographic reference system (PUWG 1992) and shows the territory of Poland - hence, its use in other countries is at the moment not possible and it would require a more thorough modification.

The application is functionally coupled with the project geoportal: spatial objects recorded in the field can be exported to the geoportal for viewing and further editing. Similarly, import of data from the geoportal to the application is possible. For data transfer, internet connection is needed, but field work is also possible in the off-line mode (with background and thematic data preloaded).

Full functionality of the application (and the geoportal) is available to registered and logged in users. 

A short tutorial on how to use the application and the geoportal - including exercise login/password data - can be found in the project's KNOWLEDGE BASE (Learning path: Project materials) - please, click HERE. Also, at startup, the application itself guides the user through major steps of mapping via a series of instructive intro screens. 

We hope you'll find the application inspiring and useful in your own green infrastructure investigations!

Project LIFE16 GIE/PL/000648 has been co-financed by the European Union within the LIFE Programme
and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
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