Movies on green infrastructure


VR Landscape 640

Movies showcasing Carpathian green infrastructure are available!

A video movie as well as a series of 10 short virtual reality (VR) movie sequences showcasing elements of green infrastructure throughout the four seasons has been produced within the Project and made freely available to you via YouTube and as part of the KNOWLEDGE BASE module on this website.

1. The video movie can be seen:

  • directly at YouTube (UNEP/GRID-Warsaw channel) - HERE 
  • via the project KNOWLEDGE BASE - HERE

To fully enjoy the movie with expert comments, please remember to switch on the English subtitles in YouTube's settings.

2. The VR movie sequences

Consecutive VR "episodes" depict:

  • forests and parks
  • groups of trees and shrubs
  • rows of trees and shrubs
  • meadows and pastures
  • field margins
  • rivers and streams
  • water bodies
  • wetlands
  • wildlife crossings
  • finally, the last episode shows the Carpathian landscape with the mosaic of various green infrastructure elements

The movies can be played e.g. using:

  • special VR goggles with own screen/display, coupled with a signal-generating device;
  • smartphone equipped with the gyroscope sensor and suitable application, placed in VR goggles (with no own display);  
  • computer or other mobile device - withouth VR goggles, moving the image with a mouse or finger.

HERE is the link to the YouTube playlist.

HERE is the link to the movies available via the KNOWLEDGE BASE module on this website, within Learning path "Project materials". 

The English subtitles to the Polish voice commentary can be switched on in Settings (lower right corner of the YouTube movie screen). 

We wish you enjoyable viewing!

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